How do matchmakers find people?

Many matchmakers will hire recruiters to help them find clients. Recruiters can use their own personal and professional networks to find quality matches for clients. Recruiters, and so do many matchmakers, attend social events to network and search for singles. Often, women don't pay to be matched with dates, only men pay the matchmaker's clients.

Toria Renee, a Chicago-area life coach, tried to work with a matchmaker but found the experience superficial. But naturally, every matchmaker has a slightly different approach when it comes to finding the ideal partner with whom to set up a client. Expect to go through a long interview process so the matchmaker can learn who you are, what you're looking for, and the type of person you can find an emotional, physical, or spiritual connection with. If you're ready to delete dating apps from your phone after years of disastrous dates, or you're simply thinking about dating after divorce, a breakup, a bad dating experience, such as being cheated on by someone you felt a connection with, or a long, dry spell, a matchmaker may be a great option.

Professional matchmaking used to be a service used almost exclusively by wealthy men with disposable income to get someone else to traverse the rough waters of the dating group on their behalf. In Southeast Asia, arranged marriage is still a common custom, and the family often functions as a matchmaker. While the high-end matchmakers you've seen on the screen definitely exist (Google “matchmaking services” and you'll instantly see the words “Elite” and “Luxury”), as well as more traditional ones (e.g., to find out the most important elements of making a successful couple, I spoke to some of the best matchmakers in the business. Clients, on the other hand, pay a fee, and meet with a matchmaking concierge who personally selects potential matches.

Matchmakers meet and select each match face-to-face, essentially having all the bad first dates to yourself and allowing you to skip the many “interview questions” required on a typical first date. Advantages of this service, for women seeking to be matched with their clients, is that Executive Matchmakers uses the initial interview to confirm that a man meets certain criteria before being selected as a client. In Orthodox Jewish communities, matchmakers have been pairing up for centuries, but their specialized profession entered the lexicon of American pop culture in 1964.LUMA Luxury Matchmaking is a professional matchmaking service that helps professionals, executives and millionaires find long-term relationships. Just like singles have a list of red flags, matchmakers also have deal-breakers for potential clients.

Once you've met with your matchmaker, you'll receive a personalized plan based on your matchmaking needs and desires. In general, matchmakers will look for people who come from similar socioeconomic strata, close geographical locations, identical educational levels, etc.