How do matchmakers make matches?

Many matchmakers will hire recruiters to help them find clients. Recruiters can use their own personal and professional networks to find quality matches for clients. Recruiters, and so do many matchmakers, attend social events to network and search for singles. Romance is mysterious, no one can predict if two strangers will meet and fall in love.

But successful matchmakers possess a high level of emotional intelligence and intuition that guides them in their work. Winston, who made his first successful couple when he was 16, says he has a natural sense of what people would be good together. In a Reddit AMA, three matchmakers from Three Day Rule explained that successful matchmakers are extroverted and very confident when it comes to approaching new people. You'll want to bring a list of questions you've prepared to ensure you hire a quality matchmaker, which is easy to put together after reading my FREE special report.

These unromantic basics are the main determinants of whether a matchmaker envisions an attack, and for good reason. The industry is dominated by women who may have been formally trained through the Matchmaking Institute, have used extensive social media in a cost-effective service, or have inherited a desire to teach adults how to date from a family interest in matchmaking. Some matchmakers will show you a photo before you agree to the match, but others will insist that the first date must be blind. Other matchmakers simply pair up within their own group of paid clients, or seek candidates from sources such as online dating sites, their own social networks, and social events that they host.

If the contract is about to end and you still have one game left, your matchmaker might send you a low-quality appointment just to comply with the guarantee. Or, if a matchmaker has someone in mind who seems right for the man or woman in question, a one-on-one date can be arranged. Matchmakers who advocate blind dates will insist that chemistry is based on more than just looks and that the only way to know if you have it is to meet in person. Many anecdotes from men and women who have turned to professional matchmakers include online dating horror stories that forced them to hand over their love life into more responsible hands than the Internet.

But when all else fails, or if there simply aren't enough hours in the day to search for a soul mate, people can still call their nearest yenta and hire a professional matchmaker for that matter. Parents used to have the responsibility of selecting the right boyfriends for their daughters and could enlist the help of a local matchmaker, or shadchan, to search for an eligible bachelor. Jewish matchmaking focuses more on shared family backgrounds and related morals than on romantic attraction, and, likewise, relationship building is reserved for the post-nuptial years. If you have any reason to believe that you may not be the easiest person to match, and you have a feeling that the matchmaker may be too promising, proceed cautiously.