What do professional matchmakers do?

In an era of dating apps and casual encounters, matchmakers may seem like a relic from another era. But even though they've been bringing people together since long before we were swiping right, matchmaking as a profession is still alive and well. We spoke to several matchmakers to take a look at how their work actually works, from their sixth sense for matchmaking to how they deal with demanding clients. While apps may be many people's initial foray into the dating world, a disappointing experience can lead people who don't successfully date to a matchmaker.

Cohen already knew about the matchmaker, who is not related to him, because her husband had been the coach of their son's youth baseball team. In addition to talking to the people they encounter in daily life, matchmakers can also rely on their networks of family and friends. The only requirement I gave my matchmaker (aside from standard red flags) was that the woman should have an interest in video games and anime. Matchmakers can also interview their clients to determine why past relationships have failed, and help them formulate a strategy to achieve their relationship goals.

This is how I find myself here, on the planet Mayfair, being interviewed by Hayley Bystram, founder of professional matchmakers, Bowes-Lyon Partnership. With television shows like “Million Dollar Matchmaker” and “Indian Matchmaking”, and a pandemic that has made it difficult for singles to meet organically, matchmaking is back in vogue. Initially they told me that they would transmit the comments I had for me, but when I asked for it, my matchmaker said it was confidential. But successful matchmakers possess a high level of emotional intelligence and intuition that guides them in their work.

My hope was that a matchmaker could find me a different audience, and because of the financial investment required, men would commit to finding a partner. Whether they're shopping, waiting in a doctor's office, or traveling on vacation, matchmakers always have their eyes wide open to finding the ideal partner for their clients. And it's not just the demand for matchmaking services that has increased; there are also more companies on offer.