Is matchmaking a good idea?

Thankfully, matchmaking makes it easy to find love. Unlike other forms of dating, matchmaking gets right to the point. When you ask a matchmaking service for help in finding love, expect to work with someone who really cares. This isn't like working with an automated online dating service.

Matchmakers don't have an easy job by any means because love can be unpredictable sometimes. Therefore, you must understand that they do it out of passion, not for the sake of salary. However, there is another way, one that is often overlooked, and that is to use a matchmaking service. Coincidentally, Avgitidis said that her biggest challenge as a matchmaker remains making sure that two people can like each other for life.

This means that you can be sure that you know exactly who you are going to meet for a date and that your matchmaker knows that too. In reality, matchmaking is much more, and compared to online dating, it's the much more attractive option. It's easy for me to download a specific app with a lot of options, but there aren't necessarily so many matchmakers who have a diverse LGBTQ clientele database. An expert matchmaker, the executive director of Agape Match, Maria Avgitidis, told me that people's doubts about female matchmakers tend to stem from what they've seen on television or in movies.

Matchmakers' success rates can be difficult to pinpoint, as many of their clients choose to be anonymous and confidential. With that said, Avgitidis is quick to point out that not all companies that call themselves a matchmaking service are exactly that. But with prices in the thousands for personalized services, singles often wonder if they can truly afford to find their love partner through advertised matchmaking services. Matchmaking services are for people looking for a deep connection and intimacy, not just a weekend date.

For some, using a matchmaking service is seen on par with having a friend set you up on a blind date and, of course, we've all heard stories about those. The best way to be a matchmaker with a friend, in my opinion, is to make the connection and then go out, just as you would professionally when introducing a colleague to another person in the industry. If you are applying for a matchmaking service to help you find a partner, then you should be serious about finding meaningful love. Some dating agencies try to label themselves as matchmakers just to slap each other with quotas or sales figures and, basically, they try to get dates with as many people as possible, whether they are compatible or not.