What makes a couple a good match?

They have common interests that they love to do together. On the other hand, good couples not only enjoy similar things, but they also like to do those things together. There must be at least two or three things they really like to do together, Goldstein said. It should be about spending time together.

The ideal partner has a sense of humor. A sense of humor can save lives in a relationship. The ability to laugh at oneself and at life's weaknesses allows a person to maintain an adequate perspective while dealing with sensitive issues that arise within the couple. Couples who are playful and joking often turn off potentially volatile situations with their humor.

A good sense of humor definitely eases tense moments in a relationship. Relationship expert Talia Goldstein, executive director of the white glove matchmaking service Three Day Rule, told INSIDER that there are four main signs that a couple is a good match. So, if you're a couple who, for example, likes to take long walks together, play board games together, or watch the same sports games together, you're probably a good couple. But what are some signs that you're a good romantic partner? Whether you're still in the talking stage or you've officially defined the relationship, you might be curious about what makes a couple compatible.

INSIDER asked dating expert and author Monique Honaman to share some signs that a couple is the perfect match and their answers can help you determine if your partner is the right one for you. Based on several studies done on several couples, these are the signs that you may have found the perfect partner.