What does it mean to matchmake someone?

Matchmake in British English (marked) informal (intransitive) verb (intransitive). Bringing together the right partners for a romantic relationship or marriage. All content on this website, including the dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography and other reference data, is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, current and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation or advice from a legal, medical or other professional.

Martin Luther had just helped 12 nuns escape their Catholic cloister, even playing matchmaking by putting them in contact with eligible bachelors. After three months, during which Margery's debut had come and gone, the melancholy matchmaker was frankly desperate. The humiliated matchmaker sent Josiah to the store to run an errand, and then dragged his friend inside and locked the door. Online dating services with dating club matchmaking and dating tips in the United Kingdom for dating websites and dating websites in the United Kingdom While these specifically target Christians, there are also many conventional online dating websites that allow you to specify only Christians in your partner search profile or questionnaires.

Each matchmaker contacted admitted that there were female and male clients who mentioned the sexually explicit S%26M-themed novel. Kathleen Marchsteiner, who has been the volunteer adoption coordinator for City Dogs Rescue %26 City Kitties in Washington for two years, is one of many matchmakers of this type. Apparently a kind of master of ceremonies at Finnish weddings, corresponding to the Russian svat, or matchmaker. In addition to shipbuilding, its other industries include matchmaking, silk weaving, fur, copper, tube manufacturing, weaving and the manufacture of locomotives and electrical appliances.

We'll welcome other investors, play matchmakers and introduce them to each other, as well as sponsors.