Is matchmaking better than dating?

Matchmakers can be convenient if you're busy, have kids, etc. But even so, dating requires you to be present, so if you're bad at choosing good dates, that doesn't mean that matchmakers are looking for things that you find difficult to filter out yourself. Personal and professional matchmakers are the best way for singles over 55 to find the best partners while feeling engaged, active and adventurous, while feeling more secure in their meetings and appointments. Between texting back and forth to a matching dating app, and then coordinating a date (between the dates he or she is already having), matchmakers are scheduling masterminds.

These are the things that matchmakers are looking for because meeting people isn't the hard part, but finding someone who shares your same interests. Here are 10 problems of single people and how matchmaking substantially helps you get the person you deserve. Platinum Poire is an elite matchmaking service that caters to sophisticated singles and celebrity couples in New York Although we're happy, I waited a bit to tell my friends that I had met my new boyfriend through a traditional matchmaker. With matchmaking, this is a process designed for people who have intentionally decided to settle down.

After asking around, I decided to use a Toronto-based service called Six Degrees Introductions (opens in a new tab) founded by self-proclaimed matchmaker Julie Ritchie. Dating is difficult and personalized matchmaking is a great way to avoid the stress that many of us feel today. A matchmaker has to take the time to interview their clients, which means there's a more vigorous pre-screening process. With matchmaking, the team simply has a few spaces available to meet and send you a confirmation by email.

A matchmaker is like a keeper: they have the power to say “no” if they feel that a potential client could be a fraud or be involved for the wrong reason. Your personal matchmaker will talk to you, get to know you and take the time to understand what you're looking for or not looking for in a relationship.