Should i pay for a matchmaker?

In addition to making sure you find the perfect match, matchmakers also help you make a great impression. They'll give you advice about your appearance and dating etiquette. Their success is their success, so they do everything possible to get you to find and keep your potential partner. The 5 biggest lies that matchmakers tell their clients about their odds of being a success story.

Zeo*, 29, tells Elite Daily: Many matchmakers don't charge the women they work with, but they do charge men. At first it seemed weird to know that a guy was paying to go on a date with me. But then I realized that paying money for a matchmaker meant that he was really going to pay attention to our date, and he really wanted to be there. So that made me feel better about it.

Depending on your time, availability, money, etc. Matchmakers can be a good investment. It's why wealthy people pay others to do things for them that they can do faster, faster, and cheaper (time is money for them). Not everyone is single, as it's difficult to update records and sometimes singles are asked to go on dates as favors for matchmakers to go to practice dates (it's not known if the paying client knows about this).

Now I also think that if a guy pays a company to match him with people, it's somehow a little weird.