How much does a matchmaker cost?

This is the most personalized relationship service, and is said to generate the most successful couples. Advantages of this service, for women seeking to be matched with their clients, is that Executive Matchmakers uses the initial interview to confirm that a man meets certain criteria before being selected as a client. A professional matchmaker will use their proprietary network and the world at large to recruit and find the best matches for you. International matchmakers almost always have networks of quality singles in North America and Europe, among other regions of the world.

However, compared to dating apps or meeting through friends or work, matchmakers are very expensive and there are never any guarantees. If you're thinking of hiring a dating coach or a matchmaker, it's likely because you're tired of the more traditional routes and would like a helping hand. Mid-range matchmakers may have a slightly more effective screening process and therefore be a little more selective as to who they accept as clients. If you're sick of the online dating scene and are considering hiring a matchmaker, the process is fairly straightforward.

To help illustrate what that means, Conti explains the process you go through when you work with a matchmaker like her. A disadvantage for women is that the matchmaking service is not only based on its database, so you compete with a large number of candidates for selection. Because you, as a woman, aren't actually paying for the matchmaking service, there's no schedule or guarantee that you'll be matched. Matchmakers can be a great way to save time on dating, meet quality people and find meaningful partnerships.

While the matchmaker or dating coach will take on much of the footwork, there's one part of the selection you'll have to make, and that's finding the right coach or matchmaker for you. Once you've met with your matchmaker, you'll receive a personalized plan based on your matchmaking needs and desires. Spending a few thousand dollars on a matchmaker who can guarantee a quality date or even a long-term partner may seem more appealing to those who truly want to find love. Toria Renee, a Chicago-area life coach, tried to work with a matchmaker but found the experience superficial.