What type of men use matchmakers?

Men who use a professional matchmaker are serious about finding a relationship that lasts. They are as proactive in their love lives as they are in their professional lives. They are busy professionals who don't want to waste time playing with people who don't share their interests and values. Please note that our service is currently focused on serving men in the United States.

However, we do offer referrals if you live outside the U.S. UU. The questions he asked weren't easy. Some explored difficult or painful territory around children (I love them) and breakups.

But I'm glad you asked. If the men I would pair up with were receiving the same line of questions, I was hopeful that the caliber of person I would sit across in the future would be infinitely more attractive and ready to date than what I had found in my own efforts. I felt like having my own dating doorman, excluding those who weren't ready or were not eligible to enter the Sarah club.